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1. Welcome:

Our website welcomes you warmly. The following terms and conditions will guide you how to use the website very smoothly and lawfully. You are earnestly requested to go through the following documents very carefully before using or accessing or browsing the present site contestvotebuy.com . If you don’t want to accept our terms and conditions, please don’t waste your valuable time over our website.

2. Acceptance of Terms:

By browsing, using and accessing to this site and availing of the services, you are supposed to confess to our terms and conditions and bound to comply with our imposing terms and conditions. Whenever you will order or avail our services, it will mean that you are fully aware of our terms and conditions and obliged to accept the following terms and conditions.

If you have any objections to these terms and conditions, you are suggested or requested strongly not to continue to browse, use and access to the services and site. Apart from these terms and conditions, there may have some additional terms and conditions which are said to impose periodically or other reasons.

3. Definitions of Key Terms:

In this website, there have been using some specific pronouns or nouns which have particular definitions and clarifications. You may need to know their actual meanings for your need.
Pronouns such as our, we, or something like used in this website refer to the owner of this website.
Our website may have visitors, members, users and services which claim to be defined. The followings are the definitions. These definitions will define you in which state you fall in.

3.1. Member:

A Member will be a person who has registered with us to get services.

3.2. Visitor:

A visitor will be someone who will only just browse our website to get ideas about our services.

3.3. Services:

What we offer through our website for the market and clients are to be considered as our Services.

5. Third Parties Links:

There may have links to third parties websites for needs. These hyperlinks may come to your use. We are not sponsoring or affiliating with the third parties links. We can’t ensure any guarantee, endorsement, warranty or recommendation of such third parties websites links. Our legal documents and terms and conditions don’t work on the third parties websites links. We have no sole control over the third parties links. You have to take risks for browsing and accessing to such third parties websites.We will be indifferent from such third parties links if threats arise.

6. General Terms:

Our legal terms and conditions may be amended at any time without informing you. Any latest updates will be placed over our websites. In this regards, you are politely suggested and recommended to review our website to have sharp and latest updates. Any latest updates made will cancel the previous existing terms and conditions and latest updates will govern you. In this case, you have to agree to be bound to follow and confess our recent terms and conditions. It is to be noted that the whole contents of this website are only for information purposes and we can’t be made responsible for loss from direct and indirect use of the contents. Our terms and conditions may be altered and modified with International and national aspect of law. We may take any actions against you what we deem to be appropriate if you breach or violate any law or terms and conditions. Any anomalies caused by you must be mitigated within one year after the action arose. The portions of this legal documents seem to be inappropriate with respect to international and national law will be considered as invalid but the other portions will be in full force and effect. The owner of this website will preserve the rights to change in Terms and Conditions at any time.

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