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Advance IP Votes


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IP – Internet Protocol by which one internet user can be identified from other internet users is now being used to cast vote in favor of the netizen for voting on specific subject matters. It is quite safe and acceptable to all. IP Vote denotes to vote someone by using a single ID which is completely unique and dependable. IP Vote is conducted over the internet where an admin will set a question or questions for the poll. Users are allowed to vote and answer to the questions using their IP addresses. You have to use a single IP for each vote. Multiple votes from multiple IP addresses discard and distort the poll result and it is not proceeded further by the system. You can find a more dependent platform in choosing other voting options rather than an IP Voting system. It will only give you the real votes as fake IP users can’t vote. One IP user can vote once in a day. Our IP is unique and real. You can trust us in choosing the IP vote service. We don’t use any proxy IP address for both browsing and voting. We must ensure you our IP address is 100 percent authentic and unique. So buy our IP vote and get the real vote.

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