Our Team


Team Memebers.

Out team members honest and cooperative for each other. Basically, we operate our team with three higher position members in our company. So our team always provides instant service. We highlight not only our work also work as an honest consultant. You can contract our team 24 hours. 

Founder & CEO

Harold Everton

Harold Everton leads the company by example. Coming with more than 7 years of technical experience. He is digital marketing expert and an honest consultant. A task master and a compassionate leader, he has a vision to grow the company per the global standards.

Co-Founder & CFO

Martin Strutz

Martin Strutz is our companies honest and trusted member. He leads the Project Management and Design functions in Signity, ensuring in-time, in-budget deliveries. 

General Manager

Sean Callahan

Sean Callahan is an passionate tech evangelist having a rich, wide experience of more than two decades in the IT industry. He has been helping a lot of companies maximize returns on their sales and marketing investments.

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